Zane Sabule

Zane Sabule

The Artist

Zane Sabule is an artistic researcher, interdisciplinary artist, and also works with filmmaking. Art for her is a method of healing – a ritual of spiritual growth. The relationship between humans as individuals in a cultural context has been the main theme throughout her artistic practice. She often translates it in a form of video, short film or more sensory experience due to the interest of questioning how human senses affect certain topics. She wants to emphasize that we as individuals are much more connected than we are apart.

To sense the feeling of belonging

A short film by Zane Sabule

Having lived abroad, Zane felt homesick and found herself thinking how deeply uncomfortable this process is – facing parts of herself that I she had never seen before. She was longing for a harmony. When the Covid pandemic made her move back to her home country, it became clear for her that the topic of belonging goes hand in hand with Zane’s interest in questioning the importance of home and its elements. This short film shows her journey searching for a sense of belonging within herself and others. It shows how Zane’s grandfather’s diary has inspired her to look deeper into this topic from different angles ( silence, home and culture ) and captures five other inspiring stories about the sense of belonging. With this film she wants to motivate that the sense of belonging is not only a feeling you sense when you are at home but also it is connected to the way we belong to ourselves.

Hannah Hübner