Naomi Hattler

Naomi Hattler

The Artist

Naomi is a maker and project leader who works with a critical and engaged approach in honest conversations beyond the formal interview format. For her, the creation of art is to simulaneously engage with her own questions as well as collective, contemporary discourses and she dives into both through an almost journalistic approach. In intimate collaboration with international individuals, she is portraying different perspectives – offering space for inspiration and reflection.

Gen Z Dialogues

an online exploration of vulnerability and collaboration

Gen Z Dialogues explores online dialogues as spaces for vulnerability, creativity and empathy, zooming in on diverse, international Gen Z voices. Naomi has captured intimate and authentically documented video dialogues revolving around the theme of vulnerability and the potential of all-pervasive connectivity as a young generation. These dialogues have come together in an artistic research platform exploring the creative potential and possibilities of engaging in online dialogues. Gen Z Dialogues has evolved into an international network of co-creators from Spain, Canada, Ukraine, Indonesia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Germany that was merely built through online communication. The conversations touch upon topics such as gender identities, toxic competition, social activism and empowerment. The socially-engaged project inspires urgent discourse and gives impulses to rethink daily online interaction.

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