Mariia Lukianchuk

Mariia Lukianchuk

The Artist

Mariia is a visual artist and a filmmaker from Ukraine. Throughout her practice, she creates complex worlds, giving to the people the keys to the doors of those worlds, but leaving space for them to relate to it through their own experience and associations, fulfilling it through working with symbolism and connecting personal and global in her approaches. She sees opportunities that lay on the verge of art and psychology, and believes in importance of uncovering and connecting archetypal appearances to the times we are living in. The image of femininity plays important role in her work. She strives to broaden and challenge the perception of woman in our society and to find ways to speak of equality not on the base of politics or exclusion, but through portraying deeper and more multilayered female images and characters.

Past Future Mountain

a short film by Mariia Lukianchuk

For her graduation project, Mariia has created a short film Past Future Mountain. This film is the result of the journey she took this year, exploring fairy tales, archetypal female image in them and diving into the unique and endangered Carpathian Gutsul mountaineer culture. The premiere of the film took place in the cinema in Kiev. The film takes us into a fairy tale world at the intersection of real and dreamlike, inner and outer, personal and global, past and future; the world of the Carpathian Gutsul culture. The mountains speak, urging the protagonist to go on a quest, and the mountain’s spirits intervene in human destiny. The heroine of the film, Marichka, needs to face and overcome her fears to become the narrator of the fairy tale. Only then can she change the destiny of a young man, who fell from the top of the mountain, and that of a social group that has decided to close their eyes to avoid collective fear.

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