Leonard Peters

Leonard Peters

The Artist

Surrounded by abandoned nature is where Leonard feels ultimately at ease. From his early youth onwards, his family took him on travels across European forests and mountains. After his first year in art school, he began his lonely train travel throughout Scandinavia, which inspired him to finalise his debut singer-songwriter album Niemandsland (Nomansland).
Only a year after, Leonard traveled to the north again, to capture himself wandering in solitude through the wide landscapes of Finland. When the pandemic obstructed further traveling, Leonard rediscovered the natural beauty of his homeland, the Netherlands.
In the past months, his two-folded creation, his music and his filmwork, were interwoven into an interdisciplinary filmconcert, inviting the audience to the wide landscapes of Nomansland. Nomansland is a land portrayed in imagery and sound, a land of here and nowhere, a land of fantasy and reality.

De mens in Niemandsland

A film concert by Leonard Peters

Hannah Hübner