Kim Konings

Kim Konings

The Artist

Kim is an interdisciplinary artist who classifies herself as a musician foremost. She expresses her creativity through various mediums, which include music, sound, photography, videography and text. As a musician, her aim is to present songs as raw and vulnerable as possible. By diving into this powerful emotion, she believes that her audience will not only witness something beautiful, rather that they will truly feel and experience something they might not have expected. Most important for Kim, which even trumps her musical activities, is to form a connection with her public. She accomplishes this by using something all humans have, in her own unique way, namely words and expressions.

Omarmen / Embracing

An extended music video by Kim Konings

During these strange corona times, we all had to distance ourselves from each other. The emotion of loneliness came increasingly into focus, no longer among the elderly but also among the young. We felt we were less connected to each other. In this extended music video, Kim takes you into her head with the many rooms. Here she searches for this connection, not only with herself but also with others. She seeks the meanings of the emotions of being alone, lonely and together. The relations that lie between these emotions, but also the boundaries.

Hannah Hübner