Hannah Hübner

Hannah Hübner

The Artist

Hannah is an interdisciplinary researcher and thinker, exploring the combination of academic and artistic – of literature and embodied – research as a tool for scrutinizing power conditions and what appears to be gridlocked systems. Her analytical approach is fueled by performance theory and philosophy on history. Artistically, Hannah researches through interviews, writing and film. She strives for creating non-fictional documentary work that allows for discovering contradictions and fragility within the narration.

Appearing - Women in Protest

a filmic investigation by Hannah Hübner

For her Graduation Project, Hannah researched the aesthetic and performative dimensions of recent women-led protest movements. She used experimental Essay Film as a tool for investigating protest imagery - not only evoking questions about the interrelation of aesthetical and political elements, but also about our percipience of those images. As she was working with archival footage, the research on the production of the material became as important as the images shown. Her research resulted in a fragmented Essay Film exploring symbolic, corporal and vocal dimensions of protest and more abstract ideas such as ‘reiterated behavior’ or the ‘embodied quote’.